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Get There Faster... With CLEAR

It’s no secret that we love to travel BUT we hate the hassle of going through security lines and check in’s. Thanks to CLEAR we no longer have to stress about thinking that we are going to miss our flight! They make going through the security lines a breeze which leaves us more time to relax before our flight.

Signing up is a breeze, we did the initial sign up online at and finished the process at the airport. The staff was super helpful and guided us through the final steps of taking our biometrics and verifying our ID. This literally took us less than 5 minutes then we were able to breeze through the security lines. (This was HUGE on our recent flight to Chicago… we arrived at the airport with 30 minutes prior to boarding and thanks to CLEAR we breezed right to our gate and even had time to grab some breakfast.)

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Membership costs $179 for one year and you can add up to 3 additional family members for only $50/yr each. PLUS children under 18 can go through CLEAR lanes for free when traveling with an CLEAR adult member.


Now how exactly does CLEAR work?

Once you check in at the airport you can proceed straight to the security checkpoint and look for the CLEAR lane. Once you get to the kiosk all you have to do is scan your boarding pass and validate your identification with just the press of your finger… and just like that you have been verified and are on your way.


So if you don’t like waiting in a long line at the security checkpoint and you travel often then CLEAR is the right choice for you. Ohhh and did I mention can find CLEAR kiosks at some of your favorite sporting venues and they make the check out process a breeze if you use Hertz car rental!


So what are you waiting for… sign up today at  and make sure to use code ROSA2 to get 2 months free! 


Although this post is sponsored by CLEAR; as always ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

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