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Sonesta Nouba Hotel Review

During our recent trip to Egypt we visited Aswan, which is located on the Nile River in southern Egypt & a little over an hour flight from Cairo. Aswan is a popular destination since it is home to ancient temples, monuments and beautiful scenery. Aswan is also home to a number of Nubian villages, which are located on the banks of the Nile River. There are many reasons why you should visit Aswan, Egypt. From its ancient history, natural beauty, friendly people and great food; if you're looking for a fascinating and unforgettable travel experience, Aswan is the perfect destination.

Where to Stay:

We stood at the  Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan which is a 5-star hotel located on the banks of the Nile River in Aswan, Egypt. The hotel is known for its luxurious accommodations, its stunning views of the Nile River, and its excellent service.


The people of Aswan are known for their hospitality. The team at Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan welcomed us from the moment we arrived until our departure. We felt right at home and were always greeted with a friendly smile.


The Sonesta Nouba Hotel offers deluxe room suites and ADA compliant villas. Each of our 45 guest rooms is designed in traditional Nubian style; all of the rooms are spacious and well-appointed, and they all have private balconies or terraces with stunning views of the Nile River. The hotel also has a number of amenities, including a swimming pool, a fitness center and on site restaurant.

The Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan is located in a prime location in Aswan, just steps from the Nile River and a short walk from many of the city's top attractions, such as the Philae Temple Complex and the Unfinished Obelisk. The hotel also offers a variety of activities and excursions, such as felucca rides on the Nile River, visits to Nubian villages, and day trips to Abu Simbel.


Overall, the Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan is a luxurious and well-appointed hotel that is located in a prime location in Aswan. The hotel is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious vacation in Egypt

Things To Do:

Aswan is home to some of the most impressive ancient Egyptian ruins, including the Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the Temple of Kom Ombo.

One of our favorites was the Philae Temple Complex which was built over a period of several centuries, and it is one of the most well-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. The complex includes several temples, as well as a number of other structures, such as a colonnade and a sacred lake. 

Our friends at the Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan helped us arrange the perfect day trip to Philae Temple. We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the port where we boarded a boat that took us to the Philae Temple. The boat ride cost 400 EGP (Egyptian Pounds) for 3 people and the overall boat ride was about 15-20 minutes which offered amazing views of Philae Temple from the Nile River. 

Entrance to the temple costs:

  • Egyptian nationals: 20 EGP

  • Citizens of Arab countries: 120 EGP

  • Citizens of other countries: 200 EGP

  • Children under 6 years old are admitted free of charge.

Here are some tips for visiting Philae Temple:

  • The best time to visit Philae Temple is during the morning or evening, when the crowds are smaller.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking.

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat, as the sun can be very strong in Aswan.

  • Allow at least two hours to visit Philae Temple.

  • Take a boat ride to the temple, as this is the best way to see it.

  • Be respectful of the temple and its surroundings.

Located on the banks of the Nile River, and the surrounding desert landscape Aswan is a stunning city. You can go for boat rides on the Nile, hike in the desert, or visit the White Desert and the Valley of the Kings. Highly suggest doing a felucca river cruise on the Nile River during sunset. The team at Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan can help coordinate this magical experience

Aswan is also located on the border of Nubia, a region that has its own unique culture and history. You can learn about Nubian culture by visiting the Nubian Museum or by taking a trip to a Nubian village. We had an amazing meal when we visited the Nubian Village at Nunakato Restaurant. All of this can be arranged by the team at the Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan.

 Aswan is home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the world, including the Abu Simbel Temples, which were relocated from their original location when the Aswan High Dam was built. We arranged a day tour to Abu Simbel Temples with iEgypt Travels.

Aswan is a great place to visit if you are interested in ancient Egypt or if you are simply looking for a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery. The city has something to offer everyone, and it is sure to be a memorable experience.

Here are some additional things to do in Aswan:

  • Take a felucca sunset ride on the Nile River.

  • Visit the Nubian Village.

  • Go shopping in the Souq.

  • Take a day trip to Abu Simbel.

  • Visit the Unfinished Obelisk

Aswan is a beautiful and historic city that has something to offer everyone. Whether you are interested in ancient Egypt, beautiful scenery, or simply want to relax and enjoy the good life, Aswan is the perfect place for you and staying at the Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan will make your experience even more enjoyable and memorable.


*Huge thanks to our friends at Sonesta Nouba Hotel Aswan for hosting us during our time in Aswan.

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