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The Perfect One Day Guide - Reykjavík

So you just landed in Reykjavik and have no idea what to see or do. Well let me help you, here is how you can spend the perfect day exploring Reykjavik.

After you check into your hotel head over to Sandholt for some delicious breakfast. Offering delicious pastries (I had my heart set on the French toast but they weren’t serving it that day) to a hearty egg platter meal. Yes, be prepared to spend A LOT of money on food even for breakfast.....but your on vacation after all so splurge a little.


If you don’t want a full sit down meal then head over to Braun & Co for the most delicious cinnamon buns. They open around 8am but apparently don’t start selling the rolls until 9am maybe times vary depending on the season.


After we finished eating we walked towards the Sun Voyager.


After snapping a ton of pics and taking in all the views we were in desperate need of some warmth so we started to walk up towards Harpa Convention Center. The inside reminded me of a honeycomb. It was cool walking around (and warming up) and admiring how cool the light reflected onto the window pane.


Since our hotel room wasn’t ready when we first arrived (which was no big deal as we had gotten plenty of sleep on the plane and were able to leave our luggage with reception) we decided to walk back to our hotel to see if our room was ready. Which thankfully it was, so we decided to shower and take a power nap.

But, if you are all energized I would suggest walking around the Old Harbor... by now you should have worked up an appetite. For you meat eaters I highly suggest visiting Tommi’s Burger Joint. (We walked passed this place at least 3 times trying to find it before we finally decided to ask a local for directions - thankfully for that because otherwise we would have never found it) this burger joint is in the back of another restaurant/bar called B5. Enter through the front and walk all the way towards the back... but beware this is not a luxurious restaurant and seating is extremely limited BUT the burgers were out of this world.


Once you fueled about AGAIN (I swear I felt like all I did in Iceland was eat) walk towards Hallgrímskirkja Church. Make sure to arrive no later than 4pm so you can make it to the top observatory. Unfortunately we got there too late but we did get to go inside the church and admire its architecture.


We continued walking around town entering all the cute little shops.


Of course it was time for the perfect snack....we headed over to Valdis ice cream shop for a delicious treat. Sam opted for a hot chocolate since she claimed it was “too cold” to eat ice cream. Which I highly disagree on...


With my tasty ice cream in hand we headed back to explore the town some more.

At this point we started to get tired so we stopped at the local supermarket to stack up on snacks and headed back to our hotel.

We were still full from lunch so we skipped dinner today.

This completed our first day in Iceland and we had and amazing time exploring Reykjavík.

Hope you found this one day guide useful!!!

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