Enjoying NYC from a birds eye view!!! Looking for a new perspective on the city that never sleeps? Then look no more and join Fly Nyon for a helicopter tour of the Big Apple!


Have you been thinking about going skydiving and wish to be more prepared? Or maybe you aren't ready for the real deal but want to experience flying? Either way, iFly is the answer. iFly offers indoor skydiving for anyone above the age of 3 and of any level of expertise. You can be an absolute beginner or you can be a pro. If you are more skilled, or if you want to get more advanced, iFly offers to teach you tricks and flips. 

Classic Harbor Line

With all my Summer plans cancelled I have been taking this time to discover everything New York City has to offer; that’s why I have partnered up with my friends at Classic Harbor Line. It was the perfect NYC summer night admiring the colorful shades of pink along the skyscrapers while listening to jazz music and enjoying a nice glass of Rosé… the night felt like a “normal” night out in the town.

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