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Hertz Car Rental


My first trip this year was a weekend getaway to the Catskills Region of Upstate New York…..….I am happy to be doing a full circle and ending my year with another trip to the mountains. This time I am hitting the road with Samantha and we are having the perfect mother/daughter weekend getaway and exploring the outdoors thanks to my friends at Hertz car rental. You can read more about our weekend getaway and stay at Winter Clove Inn.

Having the right ride is essential to any successful road trip….and of course some delicious snacks & tunes. My friends at Hertz hooked us up with a CHEVY Equinox which was perfect for our trip. They have a vehicle to fit your every need...whether you are looking to rent a car for a fun road trip or if you need it for business; to learn more about the various rental and even buying options feel free to check out their website Hertz .


Reserving your car is easy; you can visit the Hertz website or download their app to easily book your vehicle. With over 3,000 locations in the US; HERTZ rental vehicles are easily accessible no matter where your journey lies.


Once our reservation was confirmed we headed to our local Hertz location at Newark Airport to pick up our ride. When you book with Hertz you know that “Your Hertz Gold Standard Clean Vehicle” will be waiting for you.This means that before you rent any vehicle they are cleaned & disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines with their 15 point cleaning process. They use the Hertz Total Disinfectant and seal the vehicle for your protection so you know you are the first person to use the vehicle after it's been disinfected.


Some of their 15-point cleaning process includes the following:


  • Disinfect vehicle at return area

  • Drive to cleaning area, and perform vehicle condition and tire inspection

  • Disinfect all key contact surfaces (Steering wheel, consoles, door handles etc.)

  • Stall vehicle, disinfect drive area & perform final check

  • Place Gold Standard seal on vehicle


To learn more and for the full list of their cleaning process please visit their website: Hertz. When you book with Hertz you can feel confident that your vehicle has been cleaned to the highest standards by their certified team members.


With road trips being so prevalent this year and into 2021 choosing the right rental company is key and Hertz over delivers from exceptional service & vehicles, contactless pickup & drop if you are a Hertz Gold Plus Member (Free service) and piece of mind knowing you are renting from the #1 ranked car rental company.

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So what are you waiting for…..….head over to Hertz and start booking your next road trip today.

*Hertz provided us with a complimentary rental service; however the thoughts expressed above our truthful opinion and we really had a great experience.


The Traveling Roses

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