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Road Tripping in 2021


It’s been over a year since I have stepped foot on a plane… and if you know me personally you would know that feels like an eternity. Luckily, even though I haven’t been able to check off new countries off my list, I have had the pleasure of hitting the road and exploring more local gems thanks to my friends at Hertz .


When you book with Hertz you know that “Your Hertz Gold Standard Clean Vehicle” will be waiting for you.This means that before you rent any vehicle they are cleaned & disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines with their 15 point cleaning process. Click here to learn more about how Hertz is going the extra mile.


With more than 97% of people opting for road trips this year making sure that you are properly prepared. Even though travel is looking a lot different now, you can still take that much needed getaway and with Hertz you know that you are getting the best available service. Another few reasons why I love Hertz is that they offer both contactless pick up & drop off services. You can book your reservation right on the Hertz app, take advantage of their touchless pick up & when you are done with the rental you can drop the vehicle off at their location. This makes the rental process extremely seamless & avoids direct contact.


Now that you are ready to hit the road; here are some additional tips to ensure that your trip is not only fun but safe too:


Before you hit the road please ensure that you are following the proper CDC Guidelines; before our recent trip we made sure to get tested for Covid-19. Each state has different requirements so click HERE to learn more and not make sure you are not traveling to a hotspot.


We went to our local CITY MD to get tested; the process was quick and painless.


Make sure to carry with you sanitizing wipes; this comes in handy when stopping for gas or entering a rest stop to clean any high contact areas.


Upon arrival to our hotel I ensure to use the wipes to clean all high contact areas like lightswitches, remote controls & door handles. Most hotels are not offering turn down service due to Covid but make sure to check with the front desk to find out the specific hotel policies. A lot of hotels are also opting for “breakfast on the go” which comes in handy especially when you are going to be on the road most of the day. If you are choosing to use the hotel amenities like the pool, gym or other common area try going early or late in the day to avoid crowds. Make sure to pack hand sanitizer and again your sanitizing wipes will come in handy.

Even if you have received the covid vaccine you can minimize your risk and protect others by making sure to wear a mask. During our recent trip to Boston it was required to wear a mask even when you were outdoors. Again, researching the destination prior to your trip can help ensure that you are properly prepared.


Book activities and tours ahead of time; a lot of places are operating at limited capacity and their hours can differ. So make sure to plan out your activities and book ahead to ensure you get to see as many sites as possible.


So where will Hertz take you next? Looking for some roadtrip inspiration then read all about our recent trip to Bucks County

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