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Lake George Travel Guide

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Looking for the perfect road trip adventure? Then look no more....keep reading to learn all about our weekend trip to the Lake George area in Upstate New York - a quick 3 hour ride brings you to a family-friendly lake front village.

Day One:

On our way up to Lake George we decided to stop halfway and hike Peter’s Kill in the Minnewaska Hiking Trail Area. This was an easy hike with direct access to a small lake area which was the perfect setup for a quick afternoon lunch. We ended up doing the red trail which was pretty flat and about 1.6 miles roundtrip. You do have to pay $10 for parking but otherwise the hike is free unless you are doing mountain climbing.

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We brought our Clever Made  cooler which was perfect to hold our water bottles & sandwiches. (tip freeze the water bottles overnight so that you don’t have to pack ice)

Don’t forget before heading on the trail to apply plenty of sunscreen as some areas don’t provide much shade.

After a perfect afternoon hiking the Peter’s Kills trail we continued on the road to Lake George. Which was another 2.5 hours away... the ride there was super smooth & scenic so it felt much quicker.

We headed straight to our hotel; check in was super smooth. Our hotel offered a contactless check in… I had already prepaid the reservation so I just went into the office to collect our room keys.

Once we were settled in our room we headed to the pool area. Our hotel required face masks when in the common areas and whenever social distancing wasn’t possible. The chairs by the pool were spaced out sufficiently so we felt comfortable (I did bring Clorox wipes to wipe the chairs plus we used our own towels).

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After a nice dip in the pool we headed to our room to get ready for dinner.

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Our hotel was in the perfect location only a 5-minute walk to the main lake area & restaurants. We ended up having dinner at King Neptune’s Pub (restaurants only take walk in & close early during the week so make sure to call ahead and be prepared for a bit of a wait). The restaurant did offer both indoor & outdoor dining but we opted to eat outside and enjoy the nice breeze from the lake.

Day one had winded down and we called it an early night since we had a busy day planned the following day.

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Day Two:

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   We woke up early & walked over to Café Veto for a quick to go breakfast (our hotel also offered a limited to  go breakfast spread as well but didn’t have many options we liked).

   Afterwards we drove to the Bolton Landing Area where we rented Kayaks from Lake George Kayaking Co.; it costs about $80 for two kayak rentals for an hour. We arrived right when they opened, and it was pretty quiet with only a few people and boats out on the lake.

   Once we were done kayaking we headed back to our hotel to unwind for a bit then headed over to Million Dollar Beach (about a 20 minute walk from our hotel). Masks are required to enter the area & they have capacity limits – you must sit within 10 feet of others and can take your masks once you settle in an area.

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The water was pristine & not crowded so we were able to enjoy some much needed sun! After a few hours we packed up and headed to Lookout Café for lunch. The restaurant has gorgeous views of the lake; they have a limited menu, but it offered a good variety. IF you plan on going just for drinks please note that you MUST order food even if sitting at the bar.

We then walked back to our hotel & relaxed for a few hours by the pool. For dinner we ended up going to the Lobster Pot (literally a 1-minute walk from our hotel). We had an early dinner, so we only waited about 20 minutes before being seated.

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After dinner we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit before going back into town for some late-night mini golf at Around the world & Around the USA Mini Golf.

Their setup was pretty cool – you can travel around the USA or around The World (the next best thing right now)

Day Three:

We slept in & once again walked back into town to grab breakfast, there was a long line at Café Vero so instead we grabbed some to go breakfast from Bella’s deli.

We walked around the lake one last time and just like that our trip to Lake George had come to an end & we were all packed for the ride back home.

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Overall we had a great time, felt safe (must people adhering to wearing masks & keeping a distance) and would highly recommend a getaway to the Lake George Region. Whether you are looking for some outdoor adventures or to simply relax Lake George has it all.

Check out for other fun things to do in the area.

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