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Have you been thinking about going skydiving and wish to be more prepared? Or maybe you aren't ready for the real deal but want to experience flying? Either way, iFly is the answer. iFly offers indoor skydiving for anyone above the age of 3 and of any level of expertise. You can be an absolute beginner or you can be a pro. If you are more skilled, or if you want to get more advanced, iFly offers to teach you tricks and flips. 

If you’re a beginner like me, iFly makes the skydiving experience simple, safe, and easy. Your instructor will teach you and your group 3 different symbols. When in the wind tunnel, the instructor will show you these symbols to adjust your position as needed. All you have to do is  lay down, pay attention to these symbols, and enjoy. It’s that simple. To ensure your safety, you have to wear a flight suit over your clothes. This flight suit has handles that your instructor will hold onto need be. 

iFly hosts events such as birthday parties, private events, and company events for all group sizes. Each type of event has certain packages to make that event so much more special, less stressful, and way easier to plan. At the end, you can purchase pictures and videos from the desk or access them online using a code that they will give you. 

Whether you’re in charge of planning an event for work, or if your child’s birthday is coming up, or if you just want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, iFly is something everyone should experience. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and book your reservation today. 

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